Buying into Brisbane’s café culture – a Guide for Property Investors

Buying into Brisbane’s Café Culture – a Guide for Property Investors

The so-called ‘Café culture’ has become ingrained into the psyche of many Australians. Cafes are popular social hubs for family and friends, and meeting places for many businesses. It is unsurprising therefore, that people choose to live and rent close to these centres increasing the demand (and capital growth!) of these properties.

In southern capitals there are many examples of café-focused communities including Bondi and Lane Cove in Sydney, St Kilda and South Yarra in Melbourne.  These suburbs have enjoyed some the highest long-term growth in the country.

In Brisbane there are a number of well-established café precincts that property investors should be aware of. Many of these areas share other desirable investment characteristics such as being close to transport, employment centres and other amenities.

Brisbane – Northside

The Northside of Brisbane offers an array of café precincts. The most popular café and restaurant areas are in the inner-city suburbs of New Farm, Paddington, and Rosalie. These suburbs are highly desirable to tenants and homebuyers alike, and are considered to be ‘Blue Chip’ suburbs for many property investors.

Northside Café precincts include:

Brisbane Southside

Popular café precincts on Brisbane’s Southside are located close to the Brisbane River and Southbank and also include a number of middle ring suburbs.

Southside Café precincts include:

More information about Brisbane’s café precincts can be found at the Visit Brisbane website

Final words for Brisbane Property Investors

Highly caffeinated buyers tend to become overexcited, and can make poor investment decisions! After all being close to a café doesn’t guarantee investment success. Choose your investment property carefully and remember that some of these precincts are located in flood prone areas; and some suburbs are at risk of oversupply. The convenience of being located close to cafés needs to be weighed against concerns about noise and crime in some areas.

Best of luck with your property search and I hope you enjoy some great coffee along the way!

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