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You don’t have to be rich and famous to use the services of a buyer’s agent. Most clients are everyday people looking to purchase investment property or their own home. Clients may be local to the Brisbane/QLD area or live interstate or overseas.

Matt Reeves is a licensed buyer’s agent and the founder of Your Property Hound. Matt has been active in the Brisbane property market since 2004 as a homeowner, property investor and buyer’s advocate. Unlike many buyers’ agents in Brisbane, Matt’s background is not as a sales agent. In fact Matt first trained as a Veterinarian and worked for 12 years treating thousands of cats and dogs (and their owners!) in Brisbane’s Northern suburbs. During this time Matt purchased his own home and accumulated a sizeable portfolio of investment properties. Matt has developed a wealth of knowledge and experience and understands many of the challenges that buyers face, and how they can be overcome.

As a buyers’ agent Matt has applied his diagnostic and investigative skills to the field of residential real estate. He uses a rational, logical ‘scientific approach’ to researching the market and shortlisting appropriate properties. Matt provides full disclosure to his clients. He empowers them with the confidence and understanding to make an informed decision without the high pressure ‘sales tactics’ that similar agents employ. Using Matt Reeves as your buyer’s agent will help tip the scales back in your favour.

There are many benefits in using Your Property Hound to help purchase your own home.  These include:

Purchasing property is a time-consuming process.  Once a location is chosen then the property search begins.  Viewing 50-100 properties will give you a good indication of what is available and how much properties are selling for.  If you are prepared to view 5 properties every Saturday then you could be ready to buy in 3-5 months time.   Many prospective buyers will have been looking at properties for 12 months or more.   Property prices can increase significantly over this period of time.

Your Property Hound has a working knowledge of property prices and market conditions and can dedicate their time to sourcing appropriate properties that align with your criteria.  Most properties are sourced within 4-6weeks.  Employing a buyer’s agent will give you your weekends back and can help to secure quality properties more quickly. (Hopefully before the market takes off!).

When you are buying your own home it is important that you don’t pay too much.  A buyer’s agent is trained and experienced in property negotiation.  A buyer’s agent knows many of the tactics used by selling agents and how to counter them.  Using a buyer’s agent will achieve the best possible purchase price for you.  In practice this could easily amount to a savings of $50,000 on the purchase price of a $500,000 property.

Purchasing property is often the biggest financial decision that people make.  Get it right and there is opportunity to build significant wealth and enjoy new lifestyle opportunities.  Purchase the wrong property or pay too much leads to financial stress that can be difficult to recover from.  It makes sense to seek profession advice and be fully informed before making a decision of this magnitude.  Would you employ a buyer’s agent to purchase your dream home, save tens of thousands of dollars and get your weekends back?

Individual service:
At Your Property Hound you deal directly with Matt Reeves the buyers agent and founder. There is no receptionist screening calls or junior associates dealing with your inquiries. You can be assured that every enquiry will be handled promptly, confidentially and professionally.

Honesty and Integrity:
Matt Reeves has not worked as a selling or vendors agent and will not use sales tactics to pressure you in to making a property purchase. Any property recommendation will be based on diligent research to meet your individual needs and aspirations. We receive no commissions from developers, sales agents, or financiers. We work only for you.

Matt Reeves has been active in the Brisbane and regional Queensland property market as a home owner, investor and buyers agent since 2004. During this time he has built a personal portfolio of 6 properties. As an investor himself he understands many of the challenges that property buyers face in a climate that always seems to favour the seller. More importantly he understands how many of these challenges can be overcome to give individuals the confidence to invest.

Matt holds a full Real Estate Agents License (QLD), is a member of the Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) and Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Association (REBAA).

Your Property Hound has been awarded membership to the Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Association (REBAA) and abide by their Code of Conduct. The general public can be assured that REBAA members:

  • Have appropriate professional experience.
  • Hold a  license in their relevant state or territory.
  • Are registered with the Office of Fair Trading (OFT).
  • Have professional indemnity insurance
  • Do not have properties listed for sale, or be involved in direct selling

How much would you pay in order to save $25,000-50,000 on the purchase price; end up with a quality home or investment that meets your individual needs; and not have to spend every weekend looking at homes and talking to real-estate agents?

Your Property Hound charges a flat fee (rather than a commission) for our services. The fee varies depending on the service required, purchase price and location of the property. Contact us to obtain a quote for your specific needs.

Our most common request is to provide a full buyer’s agent service in metropolitan Brisbane for purchases up to $500,000. (The full service includes searching for and evaluating properties, negotiating the purchase price and contract conditions, and managing the settlement process).

The total cost for this service is $9,000 (+GST). Payment is made in 2 instalments:

  • An appointment fee of $1,500 (+GST) at the time of appointment. This amount is non refundable if you ultimately choose not to purchase a property.
  • A success fee of $7,500 (+GST) paid when the contract becomes unconditional. No success fee is payable if you decide not to proceed with the purchase.

Payment can be made in cash, by cheque or direct deposit.

Your Property Hound purchases property in all areas and price ranges.

If you have already found “the property” we are also happy to provide services to assist with:

  • Negotiation and settlement
  • Bidding at auction

If you are purchasing the property for investment purposes then the fees may be tax-deductable. (Generally the fees are added to the ‘cost base’ for the calculation of capital gains tax, rather than being deductable in any single year). You should obtain specific advice from your accountant.

Unfortunately if you are purchasing a property to live in, the buyer’s agent fees are not tax deductable.

View our entire process outlined online on The Process page.

Most investment properties are sourced (STEP 4 of The Process) within 30 days. Home purchases may take longer to source (generally within 60 days).

We will contact you as soon as we have found and inspected (short listed) a property that meets your criteria. We encourage you to inspect the property yourself. If this is not possible we will provide as many photos or videos of the property and the surrounding area (showing the good and the bad) as possible so that you feel comfortable with your decision.

As long as you are clear on what you want, the decision to purchase is generally straightforward when a suitable property is found. Often a decision to purchase needs to be made in a timely manner to secure quality properties (especially in a rising market). We want you to fully understand the purchasing process so that you feel confident making a decision when a property is found. Your Property Hound does not want you to feel pressured into making a purchase that you are not ready for.

Unlike many buyers’ agents, Matt Reeves has not operated as a seller’s or vendor’s agent and has neither need nor any intention to use aggressive sales strategies on his clients. He is a home owner and property investor that established Your Property Hound to help everyday people build the confidence to buy property based on diligent research and full-disclosure – not based on ‘smoke and mirrors’, hidden commission and deceptive sales strategies. He understands the concerns that people have in the purchasing process, and understands that no property is ever perfect. Matt always presents a balanced opinion allowing you to make a fully informed decision

Your Property Hound is a business that relies on repeat customers and referral business. We would never recommend a property that we wouldn’t buy ourselves.

Traditional real estate agents are employed by vendors (sellers) to market and sell their property. Their goal is to achieve a maximum sale price for their client. They have been professionally trained in sales and negotiation techniques to get the best outcome for the vendor.

Without their own professional representation, buyers risk purchasing a property that does not ultimately suit their needs or objectives, or that they simply pay too much for it.

A buyer’s agent also known as a buyer’s advocate is a licensed real estate agent who works exclusively for the property buyer. Depending on the your needs, Your Property Hound can provide the following services:

  • Searching for properties using listed and unlisted sources (so called ‘silent listings)
  • Evaluating and comparing properties based on their potential as a home or as an investments
  • Negotiating the purchase price and conditions in favour of the buyer. This may include bidding at auction.
  • Preparing/reviewing contract documents
  • Managing your settlement process to its completion