How much does a buyers agent cost?

What charges are involved in a buyers agent in Brisbane?

How much would you pay in order to save $25,000-50,000 on the purchase price; end up with a quality home or investment that meets your individual needs; and not have to spend every weekend looking at homes and talking to real-estate agents?

Your Property Hound charges a flat fee (rather than a commission) for our services.  The fee varies depending on the service required, purchase price and location of the property.  Contact us to obtain a quote for your specific needs.

An example of our fees is included below:

Buyers’ agent services Brisbane: Total cost $9,000 + GST

Quoted price includes:

  • a full buyers agent fees and service*
  • for a property purchase in metropolitan Brisbane
  • for a purchase price up to $500,000.

*The full service includes searching for and evaluating properties, negotiating the purchase price and contract conditions, and managing the settlement process.

Payment is made in 2 installments:

  • An appointment fee of $1,500 + GST at the time of appointment.  This amount is non refundable if you ultimately choose not to purchase a property.
  • A success fee of $7,500 + GST paid when the contact becomes unconditional.  No success fee is payable if you decide not to proceed with the purchase.

A full price list for purchases in Brisbane and regional areas is included below:

Purchase Price Full service – Brisbane (+GST)
Up to $500,000 $9,000
$500,001-800,000 $12,000
$800,001-1,100,000 $15,000
$1,100,001-1,400,000 $18,000
>$1,400,001 $POA

Payment can be made in cash, by cheque or direct deposit.  Your Property Hound purchases property in all areas and price ranges.  We can tailor a service to suit your needs.  Phone now or submit an online enquiry.