The Buyers Agent Process

How do I get started? What is the process?

Your Buyers Agent 8-Step Process

The team at Your Property Hound understand the difficulties and challenges that Brisbane buyers experience. Here you will find our 8 step process to help you achieve your property goals.

STEP 1: Contact Your Property Hound​

Contact us today by phone, email or by completing the on-line enquiry form

STEP 2: An Initial Meeting​

The first meeting is arranged either in person, or by phone/Skype. The purpose of the meeting is to:

STEP 3: The Service Begins | The Buyer’s Brief​

Once you agree to engage the services of Your Property Hound, the appointment fee is payable. Then we are ready to begin searching for properties! Together we complete a ‘buyer’s brief’ – a detailed list of your property needs and wants to help identify the type and characteristics of a property you are looking for.

STEP 4: Over to the Hound! The Search for Property Begins

A variety of properties are sourced from both listed and unlisted (so called ‘silent listings’). The searches are tailored to the needs of individual clients taking into account location, amenity and the physical characteristics of the property. For investors, specific attention is given to capital growth potential, rental returns and possible taxation benefits. When specific properties are identified database searches can be performed to identify previous sale prices, local development applications and other site specific concerns (e.g. Flood reports for Brisbane properties). The reports are prepared including suburb profiles, comparative market appraisals and rental appraisals (if applicable).

Your Property Hound will physically inspect all suitable properties and the surrounding area to investigate the appeal of the property for home-buyers, investors and potential tenants. Selling agents tend to focus on positive characters of the property only. Your Property Hound works for you to identify any possible problems before you purchase.

STEP 5: The Shortlist​

A shortlist of potential properties is presented to you and we encourage you to inspect all short-listed properties. If this is not possible (usually interstate or overseas buyers) then Your Property Hound can provide digital photographs and/or video to create a ‘virtual tour’ of the property and surrounding area. We want you to feel confident that the decision to purchase is the right one for you.

STEP 6: We Are Ready to Buy | The Negotiation Begins

Your Property Hound is trained and experienced in negotiation.  We work for you to obtain the best price and best conditions.  We are confident that you will save significantly more money having us negotiate on your behalf than you would be able to achieve on your own.  Our ‘success fee’ is quite small compared to the savings that you achieve on the purchase price.  Our experience in the market and comprehensive research will give you confidence that you are not paying too much.  We are used to dealing with selling agents tactics/tricks to inflate purchase prices.  We know how respond in the event that ‘another offer has just come through’ or ‘the vendor is planning to take the property off the market if it doesn’t sell this week’.

Your Property Hound will guide you through the contract process, ensuring that you understand the document and that it contains any special conditions that you require

STEP 7: We’re Ready to Settle | Contract to Settlement

When the contract has been signed the buying process is just beginning!  Your Property Hound will guide you through the process until settlement.  In conjunction with your solicitor and your financier we will ensure that the special terms in the contract are satisfied.  This will often include:

Your Property Hound will attend the building and pest inspections so we are fully aware of any potential problems.  If defects are revealed then we can help advise you of how to proceed.  This may include having building works performed, re-negotiating the purchase price, or even withdrawing from the contract if necessary.   Your Property Hound will also attend the pre-settlement inspections if required.   The success fee is payable to Your Property Hound when the contract becomes unconditional.

STEP 8: Repeat Customers | Referrals

Your Property Hound is confident that you will be completely satisfied with our service and with your property purchase. We look forward to working with you on future property purchases and welcome your referral to friends, family and colleagues.

We make buying simple

Find a better property at an even better price. Leave your property buying journey with our Brisbane buyer’s agents – we’re Your Property Hounds.