Real Estate Negotiation

We work for you to obtain the best price and best conditions

We work for you to obtain the best possible price and best conditions

You locate. We negotiate

Have you already found your dream home or investment property but need expert help with negotiations? Are you unsure what is a fair price? Do you fully understand the process and strategy of contract negotiations in Brisbane? Do you have the confidence, skills (and inclination!) to deal with sales agents?

Our Expert Negotiation service is perfect for buyers who have a specific property in mind, but still want the advantage of professional representation to secure the deal.

How it works

The Expert Negotiation Process

The service incorporates all the benefits of our Complete Search-to-Settlement package but is limited to a single property.  The service includes:

A physical inspection of the property

A detailed due diligence report highlighting any potential risks associated with the property or its location

An independent appraisal

Formulating and executing a negotiation strategy unique to the property and market conditions at the time

Managing the contract process through to settlement including building and pest inspections, conveyancing, and pre-settlement inspection

We are used to dealing with selling agents tactics & tricks

We are used to dealing with selling agents tactics/tricks to inflate purchase prices.

We know how respond in the event that ‘another offer has just come through’ or ‘the vendor is planning to take the property off the market if it doesn’t sell this week’.

Experienced property negotiators

Your Property Hound is trained and experienced in negotiation

We are confident that you will save significantly more money having us negotiate on your behalf than you would be able to achieve on your own. 

Our ‘success fee’ is quite small compared to the savings that you achieve on the purchase price.  Our experience in the market and comprehensive research will give you confidence that you are not paying too much. 

Your Property Hound will guide you through the contract process, ensuring that you understand the document and that it contains any special conditions that you require

Our expert negotiators can help you buy property

Find a better property at an even better price. Leave your property buying journey with our buyer’s agents – we’re Your Property Hounds.