About Your Property Hound – Brisbane Buyers Agent

Helping You to Buy Homes and Investment Properties

Your Property Hound was established to assist home-buyers and investors to purchase residential property in Brisbane.  Your Property Hound is an independent buyer’s agent and advocate.  We work exclusively for you, the purchaser, to locate and evaluate properties according to your individual needs.  We negotiate the best purchase price and contract conditions, and manage the settlement process to its conclusion.  Employing Your Property Hound will save you time and money, and will help minimize the risks inherent in the purchase process.

Matt Reeves is a licensed buyer’s agent and the founder of Your Property Hound.  Matt has been active in the Brisbane property market since 2004 as a homeowner, property investor and buyer’s advocate.  Unlike many buyers’ agents in Brisbane, Matt’s background is not as a sales agent.  In fact Matt first trained as a veterinarian and worked for 12 years treating thousands of cats and dogs (and their owners!) in Brisbane’s northern suburbs.  During this time Matt purchased his own home and accumulated a sizable portfolio of investment properties.  Matt has developed a wealth of knowledge and experience and understands many of the challenges that buyers face, and how they can be overcome.

As a buyers’ agent Matt has applied his diagnostic and investigative skills to the field of residential real estate.   He uses a rational, logical ‘scientific approach’ to researching the market and shortlisting appropriate properties.  Matt provides full disclosure to his clients.  He empowers them with the confidence and understanding to make an informed decision without the high pressure ‘sales tactics’ that similar agents employ.  Using Matt Reeves as your buyer’s agent will help tip the scales back in your favour.

If you decide to use the services of Your Property Hound you can be assured that Matt’s analytical approach, attention to detail, honesty and commitment to keep you fully informed will produce a great outcome for you.  You will feel comfortable and confident with your decision to purchase, and be satisfied that you haven’t paid too much.

Your Property Hound relies on repeat and referral business – our service will not disappoint!