Real Estate Auction Bidding Service Brisbane

Inexperienced at auctions or unable to attend? Your Property Hound provides a Real Estate Auction Bidding service Brisbane.

Real Estate Auctions in Brisbane tend to be high-pressure, emotional situations that many purchasers find daunting. Using a professional auction bidding service alleviates much of this stress.

There are many benefits in using a professional auction bidding service in Brisbane including:

  • Helping you understand the auction process and necessary pre-auction checks.
  • Attending the auction in person, and bidding in a professional, calm, and unemotional way.
  • Adopting an appropriate auction strategy, and being flexible as auction conditions change.
  • Strictly adhering to your budget, by having a ‘walk-away’ price agreed to before the auction.
  • Using their experience to identify strategies used by the auctioneer or dummy bidders that attempt to procure additional bids
  • Assisting in contract execution following a successful outcome.


Fees for our Real Estate Auction Bidding Service in Brisbane our outlined below:

  • auction attendance – $600 + GST
  • auction attendance with a successful outcome – $850 + GST
  • auction bidding is included as part of our Full Buyer’s Agency Service.

To book our Real Estate Auction bidding service contact us.  Additional information on auction bidding in Brisbane can be found in our property articles.