Case Study

Gladstone Queensland | Property Case Study

Buyer's Brief

To achieve maximum capital growth and rental returns.

Strategy: Renovate and Sell.

Our Solution

The Property

  • A 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom unit in the central part of Gladstone
  • The property was purchased in 2010 for $230K
  • The property was rented at $200 per week
  • The property was renovated and furnished in 2011 for a cost of $38K
  • It was sold in May 2012 for $395K ($5,000 more than asking price) and renting @ $550/wk
  • ***A great capital gain of $127K achieved in less than 2 years.
  • ***A massive 11.4% rental return on the original purchase price.

The Location

Gladstone is a coastal port in Central Queensland, approximately 550km north of Brisbane.

Gladstone is a major economic powerhouse with established industries in coal and aluminum processing and export, concrete and energy production.  Massive future growth is predicted with the construction of multi-billion dollar liquid natural gas (LNG) pipelines and the infrastructure needed to support them.Gladstone’s growing population and their demand for housing has seen significant increases in property prices and rental returns.

The Numbers

Gladstone Houses Units
Medium Value (2012) $439,500 $340,500
Average Growth Rate (last 10 yrs) 11.4% 15.3%
Current Rental Yield (Sept qtr) 5.4% 5.9%

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