Brisbane Property Market Update – April 2016

Brisbane Property Market Update – April 2016


Objective data is important to consider when buying an investment property in Brisbane. As Buyer’s Agents we are commonly asked: “How is the Brisbane property market performing?” The following statistics provide some insight into the capital growth of properties on an annual and monthly basis (Source: CoreLogic RP Data Daily Home Value Index).


The CoreLogic RP Data Home Value Index uses the latest property sales information to track changes in the residential property market. The graph below traces the past 12 months of index values for each of the major capital cities.  The red line indicates changes in the property price index for Brisbane.

Property Market Update April 2016




Over the last 12 months property prices (all dwellings) in Brisbane have increased by 4.5%.   Houses (up4.93%) have performed better than units (up 0.49%).


Over the last month (to March 31) property prices (all dwellings) in Brisbane have decreased by 1.17%.   Units (down 0.68%) have performed better than houses (down 1.22%) .


Over the same period, property prices (all dwellings) in Sydney and Melbourne have experienced differing trends (Sydney up 1.01% and Melbourne down 0.56%).

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