Sydney, NSW / October, 2017
Matt's task (helping me and my wife buy our first investment property in an unfamiliar city later in life) was never going to be easy. Firstly, he patiently led us through the process of helping us determine what was important to us. Once we narrowed that down to one or two paths (growth in the “hills” or inner city rent-ability) he calmly presented facts and figures to us of different suburbs and properties without bias and aided by Cash Flows etc. On our one and only visit to Brisbane, he pointed out (factually, without hype) issues with properties we would not have otherwise noticed (not just local knowledge but also from an investment perspective). Once we’d found a property we were interested in (an auction) he arranged pre-auction inspections and (of course) handled the bidding process. Immediately, post auction he negotiated a price below our maximum (while we tried to calmly go about our normal Saturday affairs). He helped us find all the local services we needed to painlessly exchange / settle etc and put us in touch with a shortlist of Property Managers ranging from sole traders to larger national agencies. (The sole trader we chose is also exceptional.) Before, during and after purchasing, whenever we asked a question he gave us the pros and cons of a number of answers (unlike a seller’s agent) and allowed us to process that information before continuing to the next stage (or asking yet another question). We never felt hurried or pressured to make a decision one way or the other. I heartily recommend Matt if you like attention to detail, integrity and a person who patiently listens, understands what you’ve said and thinks about his response before replying. We ultimately made all the decisions but I shudder to think where we’d be now if we’d not had Matt’s guidance (let alone the help with the paperwork etc). 8 months down the track and we are still very happy with our decision to engage YPH.