There are many benefits in using Your Property Hound to help purchase your own home.  These include:

Purchasing property is a time-consuming process.  Once a location is chosen then the property search begins.  Viewing 50-100 properties will give you a good indication of what is available and how much properties are selling for.  If you are prepared to view 5 properties every Saturday then you could be ready to buy in 3-5 months time.   Many prospective buyers will have been looking at properties for 12 months or more.   Property prices can increase significantly over this period of time.

Your Property Hound has a working knowledge of property prices and market conditions and can dedicate their time to sourcing appropriate properties that align with your criteria.  Most properties are sourced within 4-6weeks.  Employing a buyer’s agent will give you your weekends back and can help to secure quality properties more quickly. (Hopefully before the market takes off!).

When you are buying your own home it is important that you don’t pay too much.  A buyer’s agent is trained and experienced in property negotiation.  A buyer’s agent knows many of the tactics used by selling agents and how to counter them.  Using a buyer’s agent will achieve the best possible purchase price for you.  In practice this could easily amount to a savings of $50,000 on the purchase price of a $500,000 property.

Purchasing property is often the biggest financial decision that people make.  Get it right and there is opportunity to build significant wealth and enjoy new lifestyle opportunities.  Purchase the wrong property or pay too much leads to financial stress that can be difficult to recover from.  It makes sense to seek profession advice and be fully informed before making a decision of this magnitude.  Would you employ a buyer’s agent to purchase your dream home, save tens of thousands of dollars and get your weekends back?